Thursday, December 11, 2008

What to do with the kids...

My grandson, Jack, is just over a year old and is no longer content to just sit and play. He wants to be everywhere, all at once! He likes to push buttons on anything electronic - the TV, my computer, the printers, the modem - none are safe. He responds pretty well to "no" but I don't want to be a constant "no" machine.

When he and Elanor were over a couple of days ago I got a shipment that came in a big box. It didn't take me long to decide to make my own Jack-in-the-box!

He had toys that he threw out of the box. My job was to return the toys. He has me trained pretty well.

Elanor decided that she wanted in the box too. I was amazed that they could both fit.

We had fun with the box for 20-30 minutes which is a very long time when you are 13 months old. but it's not nearly long enough when you're 52!

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Margaret said...

Oh yes, I remember my kids being enormously entertained by big boxes that they could fit into. Even past the toddler age! lol! Adorable grandkids!