Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Pin Cushions

When I was out of applique to work on last week I made some new pin cushions from the wool beads we sell on our site. They are both easy and fun to make—a winning combo! A word to those of you with cats: Cats love these things! If you don't want them to play with your lovely pin cushions, you'd better hide them. In a drawer.
For the dotted ones, I cut ovals out of felt and felted them to the big wool ball. You can see that I also added some leaf shapes on 2 of them. Use the Clover felting tool or a felting needle to do the felting.
I'm calling the other ones "atomic" pin cushions. (Steve likes these the best.) I sewed small wool beads to the big wool bead with 3 strands of embroidery floss. Run the floss through the bead to each spot where you want to add a new bead.
I cut little squares of felt in contrasting colors to put at the outside of each of the little beads. As I pulled the floss tight, it gathered up the felt and cinched the little bead to the bigger one. Knot the floss out of sight at the base of one of the little beads. Too cute!

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Stitch 'n Dye said...

The pin cushions are cute. I have just watched your applique DVD, it's wonderful - I have looked at so many books, and tried one or two methods - but yours looks to be so simple and much more straightforward. I'm off to try some now. Can we have a DVD to go with your new piecing book please.

Love Sue (London UK)