Saturday, March 8, 2008

Where to look on the sewing machine...

Linda and I each sew on Bernina's. Did you know that there is a little mark in front of the presser foot that marks the 1/4" line? I'm finding that if I keep my fabric lined up with that line and don't worry so much about the edge of the 1/4" foot, I get a more accurate seam. I don't know if other machines have the same kind of mark... but if they do, try using it. It's handy.


Tine said...

First of all: I love your blog! Fantastic!
I'll have to look for that on my bernina! I live in Denmark, and we use the metric makes it difficult to use the instructions from books using inches :-(
So this mark would be really helpful!
Can't wait to get to my machine to look!!!

Tine said...

Hmm...looked on my machine, and the mark is not there, and I'm really bummed! Maybe I'll make a little mark of my own?!