Monday, June 23, 2008

New Sewing Machine Cabinet...

My wonderful husband is turning into a very fine cabinet maker! I wanted a sewing cabinet made to fit my studio. I can sew at one end and there is a place to store my (4) sewing machines, plus other stuff, under the cutting end. It will be on casters so I can move it - although I don't really have the space to put it anywhere but where it will be.
At any rate, I just went out to see his new contraption that is sort of like a vise that he's using to hold the wood straight up so that he can construct the drawers and it hit me: "Why have I not been photographing this?" (He's pretty pleased with this new vise idea. It is pretty slick, and very simple.)
So, here's the cabinet in progress. I'll upload a photo of it in place in my studio soon (in 2-3 days he thinks). I'm really going to be sad when he has to quit with the projects and go back to his real work on campus.
FYI - We are just about done with the studio remodel. I'm waiting on the blinds before I take another photo. The outside part is very close to being done. I hope to be able to upload finished photos soon.  


Dawn said...

I am going to show my husband this! *grin*

Your husband's work is very beautiful---oops! can you say that about men & woodworking?? Anyway, enjoy your new space. It looks so wonderful.

carla said...

i am so envious!!! i can not wait until my husband starts on my quilting room!!! perhaps this winter....we shall see.....happy quilting/sewing in yours!
carla from mn

Elaine Adair said...

Keep the photos coming of the handsome husband making you wonderful furniture! Might give another DH an idea!