Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Studio remodel... part 2

This morning the little window (that used to be over my sewing machine) moved to its new location. And I decided I wanted a light on the outside of this wall with a switch in the inside. And I wanted it where I wanted it to be, not where it was easy. I'm so lucky to have a husband who smiled and said OK. It did slow us down a bit but the window made it into the wall. 

Next the open spaces got insulation and OSB (a chip board that will be under the Hardy siding). Steve spent time putting in other electrical boxes... don't want to rush that.
He mudded the interior sheetrock before calling it a day (that's not in the photo below). I'm hoping to be painting soon. Well, I will be painting ceilings starting tomorrow morning. I hate painting ceilings but this summer it just has to happen. No one but me knows they need it, but I know that there are several ceilings in my house that need it.
Steve will be working on trim and exterior siding tomorrow...

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