Saturday, November 15, 2008

I returned from Houston last week. The quilt show was incredible. I love Quilt Festival the vendors and the quilts are Christmas to a quilter. I was there to serve on the International Quilt Association Board as Secretary. It is an honor to contribute to this wonderful organization. 

IQA is a non-profit organization. They put on the judged quilt show. Many of us have thought that Quilt Inc. puts the show on. They do the special exhibits. Quilt Inc. contributes to IQA in many ways.

 This year the quilts from DAR Museum was one of the special exhibits. It was the first time the quilts had been seen outside the museum. Wow! what a treat to see them. It is amazing what quilters accomplished back then. They are inspiring.

Pat Holly's miniature quilt won an award. I just do not know how she got all the fine details in the quilt. Look for it in the IQA Journal. You receive it if you are an IQA member.

IQA is a great organization. Without them there would be no judged shows in Houston or Chicago. Another show will soon be added. IQA needs the support of you. The money from dues goes a long way toward putting the shows on. IQA also gives grants and promotes quilting. If you do not belong or have not renewed your membership now is the time. You can go to to see the benefits of membership and join. Also you will see the many things IQA does. Please join now. We need each one of you to continue the quality of excellence the IQA show is known for.

While shopping I ran across a fun booth, Fiddlesticks. They use fine wire and fabric strips to make fun and funky adornments. I bought the Peppermint ornament. A great way to have fun with all your scraps. They have a book out Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Fiddlesticks from C&T. Watch our web site for more. See the picture of their booth above.

I have so many ideas running through my mine from all the inspiration at the show. I see a still life quilt in my future. I have always been drawn to them. Something artsy with applique christmas balls. I made a list on the plane coming home. Never enough time. I have to figure out a plan to work on these projects and still meet my book deadline. A friend of mine Glenna Hailey with Holly Hock quilts once gave me some good advice. I was complaining about never finishing anything (this was before I had deadlines). She said if you would keep your butt home you would finish things. Every time I start to whine I remember what she said.

Till next time blessings 


Jackie said...

Good advice! I think I could use a little of that too!

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

Hey Linda--

You crack me up! Now I need to take my own advice!!

Love ya, girl--