Monday, November 24, 2008

My grandson...

I took this movie of my grandson, Jack, a few weeks ago and am just now getting it posted. The boy crawls with his leg bent funny. I'm a normal grandmother so I sort of worry about that but it is my hope that he will walk straight and tall! I will share (and I hope not bore you with) another movie soon!

FYI - those cloths on the floor are there because Jack put them there. He has a drawer full of  (clean) rags that I let him pull out, then I put them up, then he pulls them out... you get the idea.


Tine said...

Ha is adorable!! And I know it as a Grandmother priveledge to worry :) In Denmark all parents are given the option of having a nurse visit and choeck up on the baby throughout the first 2 years of the childs life. Our nurse said, before the kids started crawling, that there are lots of ways to crawl, and not to worry if it looked a little odd. The important thing is not how they crawl, but that they do it :)
I know you'll still worry :) As you said, you're a grandmother and that's what you do :D

Sandy said...

Our granddaughter, Mia, crawled the exact same way. It was like she didn't want both knees on the hard floor. She is 8 years old now and walked just fine. It seems like I worry more about my grandchildren then I did my own kids. I hate feeling that way, but that is just me!
Have a great Thanksgiving.
Sandy in snowy Ohio

blamla said...

Kids have many ways of crawling and that is very normal. Some children never learn to crawl at all and that can be bad but if he crawls it's good, no matter how he does it. Here is a video of my son and you can see how he crawls there. Please be patient, the first 25 second are blank cause I had to hide the camera, it's his favorite!