Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bird houses...

I've been playing with the new camera. Boy, is it a nice piece of equipment! These are a few of my outdoor bird houses. Steve made the ones on this post several years ago. He didn't paint them blue, I did. Color is good!

Birds have never lived in them but the wasps like them a lot. Our driveway is at the back of our house on an alley. This bird-house-post is at one corner of the driveway, across the way from the new raised beds.

Steve's brother, Charles, is a dentist in Oklahoma City. He made this marvelous bird "hotel" birthday present for Steve and me.

We mounted it on what is a ladder to nowhere. (It is actually all that remains of what used to be a climbing structure for kids.) I hope the birds love it. Charles - you did great!


joanne said...

Hi Piece O cake folks,
Just luv your houses. Got re-married 2 years ago and hand painted as table decorations birdhouse, some with quilty patches and a wreath around each as a table decoration. A few of my quilty sister won, and fun to see when I visit their homes.
Joanne at

susan said...

congrats on your new toy! i am saving up for a beauty myself. what did you get? your blue birdhouses are gorgeous, and so is the one your bil made. so talented