Monday, March 2, 2009

And the winners are....

We have just posted the results from the 1st Ever Piece O' Cake Block Contest on our site showing all of the entries, including the winners. (Oops - there were broken links that caused the images to be invisible. I hope I fixed it. Hit your refresh button if you don't see them.) Two of the winners are Sarah Crumley who made this amazingly cute purse and Carrie Pippins who made a table topper with a lined prairie point edge!

Thank you to each and every one of you who took part in this contest! We have truly enjoyed seeing the creative ways that you used this block. In our mind, every one of you is a winner!

We hope that everyone enjoys seeing the projects made using this block. It is a reminder of just how much fun it can be to change a pattern to suit your own quilting needs.

Happy stitching,

Becky and Linda



I am so happy for your two winners and they certainly did beautiful work. I did copy off the pattern and did have some ideas, but not as nice as these--good going gals.

lil said...

congrats to the winners
unfortunatly I was not able to finish my project
but you can see a pic of my block overhere

Russell said...

I am looking for the re-worked Lorna's Vine pattern. I can find the pictures on your blog, but not the pattern any longer.