Friday, February 27, 2009

What a fun idea!

On the Cup Of Jo blog a while back, Joanna Goddard wrote about a fun thing that she found on photographer Katie Sokoler's blog, Color Me Katie.

In this post, Katie shows how she cut up a variety of photos of family and friends and planted them around her house. These guys crack me up!

I've cut up my own photos before. This is me with my oldest son, Chris, being held up in a magnetic photo holder that happens to look like a friendly alligator. But I know I need to put more of us throughout the house. Isn't this a fun idea!


M. A. Leal said...

Very interesting idea! You have a great blog!

bev in calif said...

great idea & what fun!

Kwiltsfl said...

What a cool idea! That would be fun to play around with......

BTW, being from Florida, the phrase "friendly alligator" seems an oxymoron! LOL

Quilter In Paradise said...

what a hoot! I like the muscle man in the fridge --- how fun!