Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More flowers...

This is a red columbine. They are native to Texas and are very hardy. They go to seed but are not so prolific that they make me crazy. They pop up all over the place because, after I cut them back, the seeds drop as I carry them away. I could be more careful but I like the surprises.

It is still mostly spring here, although we had a freeze last weekend. I'm not complaining though. There are way too many people who are experiencing dire weather conditions. We covered our seedlings. The Texas bluebonnets don't care if it freezes.

I don't think the yellow columbine is native to Texas, but it likes my yard too. Columbines are sort of scary-looking, don't you think? Scary, but lovely and graceful at the same time.



I just love flowers of any kind, even some of those fast filling in kind that like to take over!!! Your pictures are beautiful--i enjoy them very much.
Have a great day--Just, Di in NY

Carrie P. said...

You grow some great looking flowers over where you are at.