Monday, April 14, 2008


I flew last Friday (on American) to North Carolina to visit friends. After all of the flight problems I was surprised to get to DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) and find the place nearly deserted. There was no one in the security line! It was sort of amazing. Lots of personnel, no passengers. I was on the one flight to Raleigh-Durham that made it out on Friday morning. My flight home on Sunday was uneventful as well. These days, that's all one hopes for.
While I was in NC I got to visit with Hollis Chatelain and see the exhibit of her quilts that was hanging in the Duke Chapel. It was truly moving. If you get a chance to view these quilts be sure to take it.
We walked through the Duke gardens that afternoon. I have never seen so much wisteria in one place in my life (we don't get much wisteria in Sherman, TX). The scent was close to overpowering. The grounds were beautiful. It's worth a visit!


Kellie said...

Hi Lida & Becky! I just found you blog after directing peekers from my blog to a book of yours that I love (I actually love tham all!). I would have loved to have taken your class here in Melbourne in Feb Becky but it never worked out ... but I did spend a very long time drooling over your quilt! Nice to 'see' you in the blog world!

Kellie said...

I hate that I never pre-read my comment - sorry Linda ... I can spell your name!