Sunday, April 20, 2008

From Florida...

I'm teaching in the Tampa Bay area and I have to say that the Florida I have seen is really beautiful. It's very lush. I think that you would have to beat back the vegetation to keep from being grown over! 
I've seen birds that I don't see at home. One day during class (with the Manatee Quilters) I looked out and there were birds with long, curved beaks poking around for insects in the grass. Some of the women in class knew what they were, but I have forgotten. Ibis maybe? It takes me longer than one sighting to put the name and the bird together in my mind. Whatever they were, they were fun to watch.
I'm in Sarasota now with Friendship Knot Quilters, staying near a golf course with many ponds. Haven't seen any alligators yet, but I am told that they are definitely here. I walk early in the mornings (before dawn) and am sticking to pavement! I took these photos today on my walk (after the sun came up). the golf course is how I have always pictured Florida in my mind. The shapes of the leaves on the fan palm really caught my eye.

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