Monday, April 7, 2008

Word Power

My son, Jeff, sent me a link to the Free Rice site today. On it you will find a pretty decent vocabulary game that is good for your brain and raises money (in the form of rice) for those in need. The more words you guess correctly, the more rice is donated to the United Nations World Food Program. The money/rice comes from the advertisers on the site.

Jeff is in grad school at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He finds a lot more of this kind of thing than I do. Part of that is being at Hopkins and part of it is that he's 22 and on the internet a lot more than I am. But, as he says, the only down side to this is the time you spend playing. 

FYI - "nudibranch" means sea slug!

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carla said...

hey becky!
i LOVE that free rice site!! it's so much fun!!!!
hope you have a great day!!!!
love, carla from minnesota