Friday, April 4, 2008

Hello from Linda the other half of Piece O' Cake!!!

We recently made a driving trip from Grand Junction Colorado to San Clemente Calif. Our son Jerry and his wife Viviana live there.

It was an interesting drive. The scenery between Grand Junction and San Clemente is very diverse. On the drive you see snow capped mountains and desert together. As you drive toward Utah it changes to red rock formations. Which can make you say OOH! a lot.

The best part of the trip was when we left the Mojave Desert and drove into Southern California. In this first picture the hills were alive with color.  

What a sight after a few years of the hills being brown from the drought. I love the yellow mixed with the different shades of green. It made me want to make a quilt colored like early spring. With touches of purple, red, and orange from the flower colors.  

I always want to visit the quilt shops when I am traveling. In the second picture is Material Possessions in Lake Forest California. This is one of my favorite shops. I can always do some serious fabric buying here. I wish I had the time to visit all the shops in the area and along the way on our drive. Maybe next trip.

I will be at Becky's in Sherman Texas next. Let you know what's happening there in the next post.

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carla said...

hey girlfriend!!!!!!
i am sure you don't remember me but i took a class of yours in MN. I hope you are feeling better with your injury!! Have fun in Texas with Becky!
carla from nw minnesota