Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Husband in a Kilt for Breast Cancer Research

I'm home from California and unpacked. Linda is here! We're working on projects to be made with our newest collection of fabric. More on that later. But today my husband wore a kilt to work! 
Steve is Dean of the Sciences and a full professor of biology at Austin College in Sherman, TX. Several of his colleagues have had breast cancer. When they formed a group to raise money for research he was happy to join them. As he says, some of his favorite people have breasts!
Seven people volunteered to be "fools" on April 1st to raise money. The vice president for academic affairs was the Easter bunny. Another professor, Steve Stell, in the religion department was a prom queen (definitely a sight to behold!) In that context, Steve looks downright manly, don't you think? 
There are other activities that we are taking part in to raise funds. If you would like to donate to the cause (and it's a very good cause) click here to go to the American Cancer Society's donation page.

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