Monday, May 26, 2008

A day well spent...

My very good friend, Laurie, is in charge of the garage sale at her church every June. The money they raise goes to mission work. Spring is an excellent time to organize so I usually have things to give Laurie. I always have clothes and sometimes I have fabric. The local quilters love it!
I spent 3 hours this morning weeding out my fabric. I know that sounds horrible to some of you but I want every fabric in my stash to be something I can actually use. I don't want fabric that I loved years ago but no longer can get excited about. Linda taught me the virtue of a clean stash years ago and I'm so glad she did.
Laurie got 5 big bags of prewashed, folded 100% cotton, good-quality cotton. I hope she sells it all and raises lots of money. I didn't have the least bit of remorse seeing it go. 
My fabric stash is much happier. FYI - the top of the top shelf is about 6' off the ground and the shelves are 5' wide. I still have LOTS of fabric in my stash :-).


Alison-My Little Stitching Corner said...

Oh, I know it isn't biblical to envy what your 'neighbour' has but..............OH I WISH I HAD YOUR STASH!! Love it and so organized!

Inger Lise in Norway said...

Wow I thougth I had a lot of stash but I can be cool LOL You always have the doors open just to watch the wonderful view