Saturday, May 17, 2008

Quilt Market in Portland

I got to Portland last Wednesday. I admit it... I should have taken more photos during market, but I didn't. There was just too darned much going on!

I stayed at the Silver Cloud Hotel on the NW side of the downtown Portland. It was a nice place with good (way too good) shopping nearby. There is not a lot of time off during market but what time I had, I spent walking in a variety of downtown areas.
Market started for me on Thursday with a Schoolhouse presentation. Schoolhouse is an event where you get a chance to tell shop owners about your new products. For us, it was the block of the month, Aunt Millie's Garden. Linda is in FL at her niece, Magan's, graduation. Usually we are both at market so her not being there was different.
Friday I had some time to walk the rows at market to see what's new. I took this photo before the doors opened and it got crowded. Walking market is sort of like walking the vendors at a quilt show, except that there is not a lot that you can buy and have right now. This is a wholesale market so you see fabric that you'd love to have (right now!). It is the same for me - I wanted a lot of the new fabric - but I have to wait like everyone else until it comes to a shop near me. Market can be a little frustrating if you don't know that before you come.
It's nice to visit with the people Linda and I have both come to know over the years. That's probably the best part of market. 
I worked in two booths at this show... below is a picture of one of our quilts in the P&B booth. The quilt is made from some of our new fabric, Elanor's Picnic. The fabric will ship in August. You will hear more about that when we have it in hand!

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