Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring in Connecticut...

I am continually surprised at the size of the USA! It is hot summer in north Texas right now but it is spring in Hartford, Connecticut. I've been in Connecticut since last Wednesday, lecturing and teaching. Quilting is alive and well here! Isn't it nice that quilters are the same no matter where you are?
Judy, who was in charge of me on Wednesday and Thursday, took me by the house and garden of a lady who is famous for her house and garden! I only got a quick look (and photo) but I was impressed. The cars were zipping by so I tried to see lots, fast.
Don't you love the starfish around her front door?! Her plants were young and on the small side because it is still spring here, but it is obvious that her garden will be incredible as it gets warmer. I wish I lived across the street so that I could look at her yard all summer long!

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