Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Halloween card...

Lynda at the Great American Quilt Factory/Possibilities shared Smilebox with me a while ago. Smilebox is a site where you can create web cards using their templates and your own photos. It's pretty cool. 

I finally got around to making a halloween card for Elanor. But you can send the card to as many people as you want to. And you can post it on a blog which is why you can see it below. 

Turn the sound up, there's music. There is one photo of Chris and Jeff when they were kids, and one of Steve with Jack. This will be Jack's first halloween, so I don't have a picture yet of him in costume.

Happy halloween!

Click to play Spider Webs
Create your own postcard - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox postcard


Jackie said...

Very cute! I love the card, I may have to try this one myself.

Kwiltsfl said...

That is really neat! I'll have to go check that program out.

What is the quilt behind Elanor in the winged costume?

It is fun to see your idea wall behind Steve in the picture with Jack - kind of like a glimpse into your designing mind. :-)


Kwiltsfl said...

Oh - Is that Aunt Millie's Garden behind Elanor?

Becky said...

That quilt is called Passion Flowers and will be in our next book which should be out in the spring. At least I think that's when it's supposed to be out. The title is Applique Outside the Lines!

Kwiltsfl said...

Exciting! I'll be waiting for its debut!

Jan Krentz said...

Thanks for sharing, Becky! Wow, they do look happy! Jan Krentz