Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's a beautiful day...

I worked in the yard this morning. There were weeds to pull and plants to move. Steve got out the chainsaw and pruned the ash tree in the backyard. It's going to have to come out in a few years - it's too close to the foundation. We're going to plant a replacement tree as soon as it's cool enough.

There are days of yard work ahead but that's for later. I'll be going to Tampa to teach for the Feather Princesses on Tuesday so my gardening is over for now. (BTW - Isn't "feather princess" a great name for a guild?!)

I have a huge sage out front. It's easily chest-high and is usually buzzing with bees. Lately there have been monarch butterflies on it as well. They flit around a lot but I did get one non-blurry image. The orange habanero pepper was not moving and was easy to take a photo of.

I plant peppers in the front yard, next to the big sage. I'm going to add even more vegetables out front next year. They blend in with the rest of the plants and the neighbors don't seem to care. Steve makes a great habanero sauce with these peppers.

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Jackie said...

Beautiful photos! It is amazing you have butterflies still. It has gotten cool here so they are long gone.