Saturday, October 4, 2008

Painting pumpkins...

I helped Elanor paint pumpkins a few days ago. This was after we worked on a birthday cake for her mom and dad - they both had birthdays this week. And after we fixed the hole she cut in her shirt with scissors that morning. (We fused a star over it.)

Elanor had me draw outlines for the eyes, nose, and mouth on each pumpkin and then she did all the painting. We used acrylic tube paints (which is what I had on hand). There was some color mixing. She was after scary pumpkins and I think she nailed it!

Did you notice that I forgot to spread newspapers underneath the paint? Elanor did fine, but I managed to get paint on the table. It mostly came up!


Jackie said...

Very cute pumpkins! Great activity this time of the year!

Kwiltsfl said...

Cool pumpkins!

Are those actual plates in the tile mosaic under the cabinets? I love the look!


Becky said...

Yes, those are broken plates mixed with broken tiles in the background. I put that in a few years ago when we worked on the kitchen.

I got cheap plates from garage sales and white tiles from Lowe's. It surprised me that the real trick was keeping the broken pieces of the plates in order. For more cool mosaic ideas check some of Kaffe Fassett's books.