Friday, October 31, 2008

Visiting Baltimore...

I will be teaching and giving a lecture Monday and Tuesday for the guild in Annapolis. Luckily for me Annapolis and Baltimore are very, very close to each other so I've come in early to visit my son, Jeff, and his fiance, Celia. Today (October 31 aka: Halloween) is Celia's birthday!

We went to Fells Point (near Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) for lunch. We walked and window shopped and had some wonderful gelato at Pitango. I'm telling myself that the walking burned LOTS of calories. I took the photo of the kids on the bench outside of Pitango. Can you believe my son's yellow shoes! I love them.

I liked the look of the tree trunk and took this photo. In fact, I took so many photos of so many things that Jeff threatened to quit waiting for me. I snapped quickly.

There's water at Fells Point - and sail boats and water taxis and big ships and tug boats. It's a working harbor and a nice place to walk.

We went back to Hopkins and I got to see where Jeff spends a lot of his time. He's working on a PhD in biostatistics. He shares an office with 3 other grad students. Notice how tidy his shelf is! I'm sure if it was me I'd have that bottom shelf covered with colorful do-dads.

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Jackie said...

Great pics! I bet it was wonderful to see your son and future daughter in law.