Monday, September 1, 2008

Cacti at NorthPark...

I went shopping a week or so ago at NorthPark Center. It is an upscale mall in Dallas. It was built by Raymond Nasher who, with his wife Patsy, was a great collector of modern art, mostly sculpture. The Nasher Sculpture Center, also in Dallas, is an amazing place and a must-see if you find yourself in Dallas.

There are some sculptures from the Nasher collection at NorthPark. They add a lot to the space. But I especially like the seasonal decorations at the mall. This spring they planted beds with cacti and succulents. This is one of the bigger beds. The rows have a quilt-like quality.

I don't know the names of these plants. Some of them look like they could have come from outer space, or from under the sea. They look even better in these neat, tidy rows. The pink pots under the pink-tinted plants are a nice touch.

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Julie said...

These are some expensive gardens!!! Succulents are great, but they are pricey for such a large grouping! They sure do have a quilted look to them!