Monday, September 22, 2008

Elanor's Family Tree Project

Chris and Lorna (my son and daughter-in-law) are home schooling Elanor and have joined a local home school association. One of Elanor's first assignments was a family tree. There is a prize of a book for the best one and Elanor really wanted to win it. I have to admit that it's entirely possible that she got a competitive gene from her Nana. I'm way more laid back now, but I was pretty intense back in the day. 

Lorna asked if I had any suggestions and it took me a bit but I got to thinking "why not a real tree with felt people?" FYI - I have some bendable felt people from Hearthsong that gave me this idea. The bendable dolls I have are no longer on their site, but they have good stuff for kids.

Lorna found an appropriate stick and planted it in a flower pot with plaster. I loaned them the Wee Folk book and bought supplies. Elanor did most of the cutting and gluing with Lorna's help. It turned out really well! Apparently Elanor is playing with her ancestor-leaf/dolls. It's an interactive family tree.

Here's a detail showing me and Steve and my mom. I'm proud of the job Elanor did! No word yet on whether she won the prize or not. I hear that her tree was definitely different from the others in the room.


Tine said...

That is so sweet! Good job Elanor!

Kwiltsfl said...

Wonderful family tree! She obviously got a great deal of creativity from Nana as well! Good for your son and DIL for home schooling! We home schooled our son all the way through. He is now at a top notch college and doing well. Most importantly, he has great character and is very close to us.

I have to admit, after clicking to enlarge the picture of Elanor and the tree, I was also mesmerized by the quilt in the background - and spent some time deciding where I would put a similar one in my house!

Shirley said...

How imaginative...I would never have thought for this for a family tree. It worked out so well. Keep up the good work.

Kathy said...

What a cutie Elanor is--and what a wonderful job she did on her family tree!

The quilt in the background is absolutely gorgeous!


becky goldsmith said...

That's Lorna's Vine in the background, from our book Amish-Inspired Quilts. I made it for Lorna, my daughter-in-law.