Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day One at Linda's

Linda and I have been working on the drawings for her next quilt. It's coming along nicely! While I was working on the computer, Steve went hiking in Arches National Park. He had a really nice day and took lots of photos. These are just 2 of the 91 images he put on my little digital camera.

Tomorrow Linda and I are getting new photos taken — you'll be seeing an updated version of us in the next book and online. After that we're going up on Grand Mesa to see some sights. Then it's back to work.

Steve and I head home to Texas early Thursday. We'll be home on Friday afternoon, in time to wave goodbye to Jeff and Celia Saturday morning. Celia (our almost-daughter-in-law) is joining Jeff in Baltimore. Steve promised Celia that he would make his Kaluah cinnamon rolls for Saturday breakfast. They are oh-so-amazing!

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Carin said...

Isn't Arches beautiful!