Thursday, July 31, 2008

It was fun while it lasted!

It's Thursday evening and Steve and I are in Clarendon, TX, 2/3 of the way home. The last two days were absolutely packed! Tuesday we got the blocks drawn for Linda's next quilt. It's going to be cute! I'll work on border drawings from my house next week.
I took some photos of Linda's house to share with you. Her house is new so the plants are not mature but the grass is green and the views of the mesas from her house are spectacular! Grand Junction is in the high desert and the climate is dry. It gets hot in the afternoon but it cools off overnight. I have to say that I wish I could take the weather home with me.

Wednesday morning we had new photographs taken to use in new books and articles. We looked good from the waist up (which is all that counts in this sort of photo) but from the waist down we were in shorts and tennis shoes. An interesting look. The photographer, Melinda Roberts, did a great job on the real photos. She gave Steve permission to take some candid photos of us at the same time so that I could share one with you. 
Next, we went up on the mesa that you see from Linda's patio. The mesa is in the Colorado National Monument. You can drive up onto the top of the mesa. We had a picnic at the Visitor's Center and took lots of photos on the drive through the park. I resisted the urge to take home a rock from the mesa.

After touring the mesa we dropped Steve and Paul off at the house (that's them above) and Linda took me to her favorite clothes store - Herberger's. She had told me that there were great clothes at great prices and she was not kidding! I found shorts, tops, dresses, tops, and jackets. And a lot of it was 70% off! It's probably good that there is not a Herberger's in Sherman, TX.

We got on the road early today and will again tomorrow. It's time to sign off and get some sleep! Happy stitching!

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debbie said...

Thanks so much for all the pictures, they are great; so clear and colorful. I'm from Louisiana, Utah looks quite different than I would have imagined. I sure enjoy your blog.