Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Details are wonderful!

I love digital photography. I've never been a great photographer, but my digital camera makes me look like I'm much more skilled than I am. I love being able to snap as many photos as I want to with no thought about how much film I might be wasting. I love being able to delete bad images - rather than trying to figure out what to do with bad prints that I paid money to have developed. 

I also love being able to zoom in. My new tiny little Canon PowerShot SD950 (click to read a review) takes 12.1 megapixel images! The images are big enough that I can crop in to show detailed close-ups. So this plant...

...becomes this lovely detail. FYI: this is a poisonous plant that smells really bad when you break its stem. I can't remember the name. It makes pointy seed balls and is very prolific.

The leaves of these tropical cannas...

...have an almost wood-grained look.

I'm going to take more of these detail shots. I think they could easily work their way into a quilt!

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Sally said...

The poisonous plant is commonly called Angel's Trumpet, a favorite of hummingbird moths.