Monday, July 28, 2008

Quilt Nebraska

I taught at the annual meeting of the Nebraska State Guild in Chadron, Nebraska, last weekend. (FYI - Chadron is pronounced "Shadron".) There were classes, exhibits, vendors, and lots of getting together at Quilt Nebraska. Everyone had a good time!

To got to Chadron last Thursday I flew to Denver and then on a smaller plane to Scottsbluff, NE. Gail, a quilter from Scottsbluff, picked me up at the airport and drove me to Chadron. My luggage ended up flying on to Chadron on an even smaller plane (I'm glad I was not on that smaller plane). We drove into, and out of, a spectacular thunderstorm! There was an incredible double rainbow as the sun was going down behind us that I took several photos of. This is the best one. It almost doesn't look real... everything in the landscape took on a reddish glow. You can't see it here but we could see the entire rainbow. The prairie may be mostly flat, but it is beautiful.

I'm at Linda's in Grand Junction now. I'll post more later.

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