Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can you believe it?

I found yet another photo of Steve taking a picture. This one was on the way home from Grand Junction. We were close to Monarch Pass, CO, I think. He's way over there on the left, at the side of the road.

I also got a photo of this Holiday Inn sign. I love the pointy ball at the top. I wonder what it looks like with the neon lit? We couldn't spend that day waiting to see it. Oh well.

There are two photos that I didn't get to take that I still regret. The highway was too narrow and there was enough traffic to make it dangerous. Steve spotted a hawk nest on top of a power pole. There were two hawks, and presumably babies, in the nest. Pretty cool. And there was an alligator farm out there on the high plains (which seemed weird enough) that had alligator-shaped signs. I wish I could show you the pictures...

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