Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to applique the circles in the center of the Aunt Millie blocks.

Several of you have emailed asking how we stitched the circles in the center of the Aunt Millie blocks. FYI - Those instructions were in the original pattern, but somewhere along the way they got deleted. We're sorry about that. However, not to worry, we can tell you how we did the circles.

The circles with wedges are appliqued, not pieced. Sew them off-the-block. Start with a 4"-6" square of fabric for the large circle. Draw the circle on it. Applique each wedge onto the circle. Applique the small center circle. Then cut the unit out as a whole, finger press it, and applique it to the block.

These instructions are also posted on our website, on the Aunt Mille page in the left-hand sidebar.

Happy stitching!


debbie said...

Thank you so much, I needed some refresher lessons. By the way, I am in love with the fabric and will order some soon.

Betweens said...

Hello.. I pieced my circle and then appliqued and it worked fine.. but the idea you gave will also be a great way to work the circle. Love this patterns as I do all of them.. so versatile. Deb in Toronto..btw I wish I can send you a pic