Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is for you, Jeff and Elanor!

As I just wrote, we are in Seattle. As we were waiting for the bus back to the hotel from the Seattle Public Library, we did some people watching. People are really fascinating! We spotted these two fellows across the street and I managed to get an almost good photo of them.

I should tell you that my granddaughter, Elanor, who is 5 and our son, Jeff, who is 23 have been calling each other spiky-heads a lot lately. Who knows where that came from, but it makes them both laugh like crazy.

So, when I spotted these guys it was all I could do not not to holler "spiky-heads" and commence to giggling! I'm not sure they would have thought it was funny but, seriously, they can't imagine that people won't notice their hair-dos! Personally, I''m sort of fascinated by their hair. It's not just that they got it to stick up - it's that the spikes are so precisely placed. 

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